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How do I connect to a Wi-Fi Network?
Tap -> Settings –> Connections –> Wireless Manager –> tap on “Wi-Fi” –> make sure that the stat...
How do I enable the Gravity Sensor function on the Pharos 585?
Tap -> Settings –> System –> Gravity Sensor Tap on the Settings tab –> place an "x" in the c...
What is the average charge time for the Pharos 585?
Charge by AC adapter: 4 hours Charge by USB port: 6 hours
How do I pair a Bluetooth device to the Pharos 585?
Enable the Bluetooth function on the Pharos 585. To do this: tap -> Settings –> Connections –> ...
How do I use the Compass on the Pharos 585?
Tap -> Compass It is required to calibrate the Compass for the first time...
Why does the Pharos 585 screen automatically become dark?
You may find that if you use the battery power, the backlight automatically shuts off after 30 secon...
What comport and baud rate does the internal GPS operate on?
The Pharos 585 operates on comport 6 and baud rate of 9600.
How do I configure the GPRS settings on the Pharos 585?
Tap -> Settings –> Connections tab –> Connections Select Add a new connection Enter a name for ...
How can I change the screen orientation?
Tap -> Settings –> System –> Screen –> General.
How can I enlarge the font size on the Pharos 585?
Tap -> Settings –> System –> Screen –> Text Size –> move the slider left/right depending on your te...
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What type of Bluetooth Profiles does the Pharos 585 support?
The Pharos 585 supports the following Bluetooth Profiles. Dial-up Networking (DUN) Hand-Free Pro...
How do increase the volume on the Pharos 585?
To increase the volume, tap on the sound icon located on the notifications bar. Move the slider up/...
How do I perform a soft reset on my device? How do I perform a factory reset?
Soft Reset: To perform a soft reset, use the stylus tip to press the Reset button located at the b...
What is the proper method that I should follow to clean the display screen and lens on my device?
Use a soft clean, dry cloth to clean the LCD screen on the device. Do not use harsh chemicals, clean...
The contact point of my stylus is not quite precise. What should I do about it?
Align the screen if it is not responding accurately to stylus taps. Tap -> Settings -> System –> ...
I am not able to synchronize my Pharos 585 to my computer, what should I do?
Make sure you have installed ActiveSync version 4.5 (Windows XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center 6...
My device does not power on, what should I do?
Please charge your device using the AC charger that was included in the box. Allow the device to cha...
What features does the Pharos 585 Rugged PDA have?
Windows Mobile 6.5.3 CPU 533 MHz ARM 512MB Flash ROM; 256MB SDRAM 3.5" QVGA 240 x 320 pixels, ...
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