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I am not able to acquire a GPS fix using Live Search. What settings do I have to modify?
Tap on Start -> Settings -> System -> External GPS. Program Port should be set to C...
My Traveler 619 froze and itís not responding, what should I do?
A. Try performing a soft reset on the phone. This will re-start the whole system and will release an...
How do I connect to a Wi-Fi Network?
You will first need to know the network name that you are trying to connect to and the network key (...
How do I perform a hard reset on my Traveler 619?
Tap on Start -> Settings -> System -> Factory Reset.
My Traveler 619 will not power on. What should I do?
Make sure that the Traveler 619 battery you are using has enough power. Please make sure that the ...
How do I modify the caller ID settings on my Traveler 619?
Tap on Start -> Settings -> Phone -> Services Tap on Caller ID -> Get Settings From the list pro...
What audio formats can I use as ring tones?
The Traveler 619 supports *.wav, *wma, *.mid, and *.mp3 audio files.
How do I change the ring type and ring tone on my Traveler 619?
Tap on Start -> Settings -> Phone Select the desired Ring type from the list provided In the Ri...
Will I be able to view my PDF files on the Traveler 619?
Yes, you will be able to view PDF files using the ClearVue PDF program. To open a PDF file: tap o...
How to I backup my information to my SD card?
Tap on Start -> Programs -> Local Backup. Press the Backup button Select the items that you wish...
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What is the proper method that I should follow to clean the display screen and lens on my device?
Use a soft, clean, dry cloth to clean any lenses (such as camera, proximity sensor, and light sensor...
What comport and baud rate does the internal GPS operate on?
The internal GPS communicates on comport 5 and baud rate of 9600.
What is the maximum micro SD card that the device can support?
The phone will read up to a 2GB mini SD card. (Note: not micro SD card)
I am not able to view any toolbar buttons when using Internet Explorer, all I see is the web page. What do I do?
Make sure that you are not in Full Screen mode. Press and hold anywhere on the screen and uncheck ...
The contact point of my stylus is not quite precise, how do I fix this?
You will have to align the screen on the device so that the touch screen can respond to the operatio...
Why does the Traveler 619 screen automatically become dark?
Tap -> Settings -> System -> Backlight -> adjust the Battery power or the External power tab. You m...
I am using Microsoft Windows Vista, and ActiveSync will not recognize my Traveler 619. How do I resolve this?
In order to synchronize the Traveler 619 you will need an upgraded version of Microsoft ActiveSync...
Why doesn't my Traveler 619 make any sound?
Tap the speaker icon on the top right of the screen, then select the volume control options or a...
What features does the Pharos Traveler 619 have?
QWERTY keyboard and 2.8" TFT LCD with touch panel TI, OMAP 850, 200MHz Processor Windows Mobile ...
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