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I am using Microsoft Windows Vista, and ActiveSync will not recognize my GPS Phone 600. How do I fix this?
In order to synchronize your GPS Phone 600 you will need an upgraded version of Microsoft A...
My GPS Phone 600's ActiveSync cannot be executed or make a connection. What should I do about it?
Make sure you have installed ActiveSync version 4.2 or above. The CD accompanying ...
The hardware button on my GPS Phone 600 does not respond or opens the wrong program. What should I do about it?
Tap , Settings, the Personal tab, and then Buttons. Check each button fo...
The contact point of my stylus is not quite precise. What should I do about it?
Align the screen and the touch screen can respond to the operation of your stylus more prec...
The characters on the screen are too small to read. How can I enlarge them?
Tap , Settings, the System tab, Screen, and then the Text size tab. You ...
When I want to open a program or file, a warning message Not enough memory?pops up. What should I do about it?
Because your GPS Phone 600s memory is shared by storage memory and program memory, ...
Why does my GPS Phone 600 screen automatically become dark?
Tap , Settings, the System tab, Backlight, and then the Battery power or the Exte...
Why doesnt my GPS Phone 600 make any sound?
Tap the speaker icon on the top right of the screen, then select the volume control ...
The GPS Phone 600 froze, and the system is not responding. What should I do about it?
You may reset your GPS Phone 600. This means to re-start the whole system to release ...
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My GPS Phone 600 will not turn on. What should I do?
Make sure the GPS Phone 600 battery you use still has enough power. Plug ...
What features does the GPS Phone 600 have?
What features does the GPS Phone 600 have? 1. Built-in 802.11b/g wireless networking module. ...
How do I setup the Internet on my GPS Phone?
Provided that you pay monthly for a data plan through your provider (Cingular or T-Mobile) then foll...
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