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Calibrate your digital camera's clock
Your digital camera's clock must be very accurate in order for Trips & Pics ...
Why "Set GPS" screen always shows same values no matter what other values I set last time?
This is because the receiver does not support the retrieval of such information as logging interval ...
How do I choose a logging interval for my trip?
Generally speaking, you should choose a shorter interval whenever possible, as a ...
What is the File Time Adjuster tool for?
If you find your digital camera's clock is not accurate (comparing to your GPS clock) AFTER you retu...
How do I know my iGPS500 receiver's data logging feature is enabled?
There is no indicator on the receiver or the battery dock to indicate if data logging feature is ena...
Can I use iGPS500 receiver to record data inside a building?
Not recommended. Satellite signals inside a building may not be strong enough for the receiver to ge...
Can I use Pharos GPS USB cable in place of the USB dongle?
Yes. They are completely compatible. They use exactly the same USB-to-serial driver.
I have a Pharos GPS Bluetooth Dock. Can I use it in place of the battery dock?
Yes. You can use the Bluetooth dock in place of the battery dock. But the drawback is that the Bluet...
Can I use Pharos GPS Bluetooth Dock with Trips & Pics?
Yes. Trips & Pics program supports both USB and Bluetooth connections. However, it is n...
Does Trips & Pics work with my digital camera?
Yes. It works with any digital camera. Trips & Pics does not rely on any physical ...
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