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Pocket GPS Navigator - SDIO edition
Model: PSD80    

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MSRP: $99.95
The Pocket GPS Navigator is the ultimate navigation solution. The package comes with the ultra-compact iGPS-SD receiver and Ostia Navigation & Routing software (Best of Innovations, CES 2004) with detailed street-level maps of the entire US, turning your Pocket PC into a portable navigation device. The iGPS-SD receiver is the smallest of its kind and is highly sensitive, quickly acquiring very accurate GPS position information. Ostia helps you locate your current position, find a destination or point of interest (POI) and get a route to your destination. Simply activate the GPS navigation program and begin traveling; the automated voice-prompts will tell you when and where to turn. If by chance you go "off route," Pocket GPS Navigator will reroute you to your destination from your current GPS position. Please note: The iGPS-SD receiver (which does not have internal memory) connects to your Pocket PC device via its SD memory slot. Since Ostia includes very detailed street-level maps, it is recommended that you have an alternative way to store maps when using the iGPS-SD (either your device’s CompactFlash memory slot if it has one, or your device’s on-board memory).

  • Ultra compact iGPS-SD design allows for the easiest portable navigation solution
  • True Voice Prompts with Turn-by-turn voice directions will guide you to your destination with ease and confidence
  • Multiple stop routing allows you to plan and optimize your entire schedule for the day or route around traffic congestion
  • Multiple navigation screen views offer you the option to choose from full map, directional arrow, arrow/map split screens, compass, or text directions depending on your navigation needs
  • Integration with Pocket Outlook contacts gives you the ability to choose a destination address by simply finding an address from your Outlook contacts
  • Web access to maps and software available for download anytime, so that you can stay up to date on the latest software and map releases
  • Smart Navigator service gives you access to real-time traffic information and dynamic points of interest right on your Pocket PC (requiring Internet access and subscription.)
Accuracy: < 10m (2DRMS)
Radio Frequency:
  • Sensitivity: < -150dBm (Tracking) and < -140dBm (Acquisition)
  • Hot Start: 8 sec. Average
  • Warm Start: 45 sec. Average
  • Cold Start: 60 sec. Average
Power Source: DC 3.3V (Supplied from connected device)
Interface: SDIO
Protocol: NMEA-0183
Dimensions: 1.2in X 1.3in X 0.55in (not including SD insert
Package Contents:
  • iGPS-SD GPS Receiver
  • Cigarette Lighter Car Charger
  • Air Vent PDA Mount
  • Ostia Navigation software with USA maps
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