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CF adapter
Model: PXT23    

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MSRP: $34.95

Pharos’ Compact Flash Adapter allows the iGPS receiver included in the Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007 with GPS Locator package to be used as a portable Compact Flash GPS. Avoid messy cables and connect your Microsoft GPS directly to your laptop, tablet, or ultra-mobile PC via the Compact Flash slot, or use the included PCMCIA adapter. For added flexibility and increased accuracy in the vehicle, use the iGPS receiver and Compact Flash Adapter with the included extension cable for maximum allowance of placement and reception. There is no more need for an external antenna! With it’s portability and flexibility, the Compact Flash Adapter will truly let you get the most out of your Microsoft Streets & Trips 2007 iGPS receiver.

Package Contents
  • iGPS-500 CF Adapter
  • CF REC02 extension cable
  • PCMCIA Adapter
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