Pharos, Lighthouse of the 21st Century
Our Heritage

The Pharos Lighthouse is formally recorded as the Seventh Wonder of the World.

Pharos LighthouseConstructed in 285 BC, the Pharos Lighthouse served as the navigational guidance to all vessels approaching the coast of Egypt.

From its square base, to its octagonal center, to its circular crown, the lighthouse stood 100 meters tall and anchored the island of Pharos, situated in front of the city of Alexandria.

Legend has it that, in a land devoid of forests, the beacon that guided ships was fueled with a perpetually burning wood fire.

And to extend the signal many miles beyond convention, a series of giant mirrors and lenses were created to amplify light to incredible distances.

Until its destruction in the 15th century, the Pharos Lighthouse served its world as the most prolific development in navigational technology in recorded history. It was the beacon of hope for sailors and seamen.

Today, it is our inspiration.

We are Pharos.

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