Pharos, Lighthouse of the 21st Century
About Us
Pharos is a science and applications company dedicated to becoming the lighthouse for the 21st century, providing destination and location assistance through GPS and wireless internet innovations for travel all over the world.

Established in March, 1998, Pharos Science and Applications, Inc. is a high-tech company that has successfully developed, and launched into retail distribution, the premium street navigation and routing solution for Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).

The Pharos Pocket GPS Navigator for Pocket PC-based PDAs and provide consumers with everything they need to perform street-level routingor navigation on a handheld device: GPS receiver, software, maps, and connector cables. The Pharos product lines are successfully distributed through leading consumer electronic e-tailers as well as brick and mortar retailers.

The core of the Pharos team is a group of scientists and engineers with extensive education and research experience in aerospace, frontier particle physics, and astrophysics. The Pharos team is recognized in aerospace and electronics industries as a leader in the development of GPS, navigation and location-based technologies for consumer and commercial market applications.

Pharos scientists have been instrumental in developing guidance and control technologies, experimentation, and support for NASA space shuttle missions.

As applications for GPS expand, Pharos is ready to provide consumers with truly mobile solutions on multi-purpose hand-held devices. Street routing and navigation for the car are only the beginning for PDA-based location solutions, and Pharos is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality, most useful products possible.

Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS)

The first high energy particle detector --- Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) flying with Discovery space shuttle STS-91


World's Largest High Energy Physics Lab. Origin of the World Wide Web.

Pharos team members have worked at the place where the WWW was born.

Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

World's Largest Linear Accelerator

Some of Pharos staff have worked at one of the most preeminent research institutes in the world

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner