Pharos, Lighthouse of the 21st Century

"One of the coolest new ideas I've seen recently is the Trips & Pics package from Pharos. The concept is actually pretty simple–you take photos with your digital camera and the Trips & Pics application lets you display those photos at their correct locations on things like Google Earth. But while the concept might seem simple, the results are pretty amazing as well as being an awful lot of fun."

Brian Underdahl , Under: The Influence (7/5/2008)
"[GPS Phone 600 is an example of] convergence at its best. While many other manufacturers provide Bluetooth or wired GPS units to accompany the Pocket PC or Smartphone of your choice, Pharos has bundled the lot, phone and all, into one package. Forget accessories, this bad boy comes with all you need."

David Parker , (7/1/2008)
"This device is one that just continues to grow on you. Right now it is sitting on the edge of my desk being charged, with a very poor view to the outside. It has locked on to five satellites, has a reliable GPS signal and is ready to navigate somewhere. The screen is large and readable, and the display easily dims for night use. The high tech voice gives the impression that she knows where she is going and she made me feel confident, even when we were out in the boondocks of Jones and Baldwin counties in the middle of Georgia. It did find the fastest route and perhaps the most scenic. The Pharos Drive GPS 250 is a good choice in the mid-range of personal navigation devices."

Hal Reid, Directions Magazine (6/1/2008)
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